Ryan J. Cooke

+66 (0)61 994 2260



Ryan has over 12 years of experience with websites, servers, mobiles and big data systems. He has designed and overseen the development of large data and company infrastructures. Ryan has lead teams and worked with various large clients including some of the following: Toyota (Bang na, Thailand), LMC Automotive (English company based in Bangkok, Thailand), Alpha Omega Web (Bangkok, Thailand), Ebuyer.co.uk (Uk), Outsourcify (Web agency in Bangkok, Thailand), Open Emr Pro (USA based company), YPB Systems (Head of I.T in Bangkok, Thailand)

Currently doing

Product development for; Kindi.menu,
Consulting at an automotive company,
and systems architecture design at trademerch.io

2019 - present | KinDi.menu
Senior systems architect and co founder

2018 - present | Trademerch.io
Senior systems architect and co founder

2017 - 2018 | YPB Systems
Head of I.T and Senior developer

2017 | Alpha Omega Web
SeProject manager, systems architect, senior developer and senior team technology trainer)

Short term contract

2015 - 2017 | Outsourcify LTD
Senior programmer, systems architect and team leader

Delivered Toyota, LMC Automotive and other various high profiled clients projects

2014 | Ebuyer.co.uk
Full Stack Developer

2012 - 2014 | HiWay App
Co Founder
Xiamen, China

HiWay App, language learning platform

  • Desktop and Web application development with; C / C++, Developing with Qt Creator, Qml, PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Composer, Angular JS, Vue Js, Node Js, Electron (Desktop apps with html and css), MySQL, CSS, Java<, and Wordpress/li>
  • Mobile cross platform development with React Native, and Qml
  • Firebase NoSql database, Qlik Api’s, and SQL
  • Git, SVN, Bazaar Version Control